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Do you need to get your message across clearly and succinctly?  Are you looking for a professional who'll make you look professional? 

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Then choose a writing pro: MessagePros LLC.  You've come to the "write" place!

About MessagePros LLC
My name is Fran Hopkins and I'm the owner/proprietor of MessagePros LLC.  I'm a very experienced writer, editor and public relations practitioner who has been writing professionally for 13 years.  My writing on a wide variety of topics has been published in local, state and national publications and on the Web.  (See my Writing Samples page for links to examples of my writing.)

I have a particular interest in writing about health and medical subjects and recently earned a Master of Science degree in Health Communication from Boston University. 

Other areas of focus include public relations and school communications.  I'm a member of the Public Relations Society of America and the New Jersey School Public Relations Association.  I'm co-president of the Association for Women in Communications, New Jersey Professional Chapter, for 2012-2014.

I'm also experienced in the political public and media relations arena, having served in 2010 as media coordinator for a local Congressional campaign.

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